On Monday, February 26, 2024, the Orleans Parish School Board unanimously approved the creation of The Leah Chase School. It will be NOLA Public Schools’ (NOLA-PS) first, permanent direct-run school in 18 years.


Our new school will be rich in culture and amplify the voices of New Orleans history. Our scholars will receive an education that will be anchored in culturally responsive teaching and learning that acknowledges values and the diverse backgrounds and experiences of our scholars. Ultimately, it will allow our students to own their learning and see themselves in their education.


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The Leah Chase School Partnership Meetings

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Meet Crystal LaFrance, our new Elementary School Principal for The Leah Chase School!⁠ With 17+ years of experience, Crystal is dedicated to shaping a vibrant school culture and ensuring rigorous educational standards. She's committed to upholding the legacy of equity in education and fostering an environment where every scholar can thrive. Join us in welcoming Crystal to the new school’s team!

We will provide a high-quality education to the children of New Orleans enriched in the culture and excellence of our city. By implementing a culturally responsive education program, scholars will be able to develop a positive self-identity, improve academic growth and achievement, and enhance their social and emotional well- being.

The vision of the Leah Chase School entails gradual expansion starting with the enrollment of scholars in grades K-5 for the 2024-25 academic year.  Subsequent phases will include the addition of 6th grade in the 2024-25 school year and further expansions as of school reaches the 8th grade.

Our target enrollment is 320 scholars. We will offer two sections for each grade level in grades K-5. Our proposed classroom sizes consist of 20 students in each classroom for grades K-1 with a maximum of 25, and 25 students in each classroom for grades 2-5 with a maximum of 30 students. Scholars will have the opportunity to select The Leah Chase School during NOLA Public Schools Common Application Process’ (NCAP) Open Enrollment.


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Our school will offer scholars a rich cultural experience. From clubs and field trips, to enriching courses such as arts and culture, music, physical education, to social and emotional supports, scholars will have access to a wide variety of cultural experiences. Scholars will also benefit from local partnerships that will honor the legacy of New Orleans’ culinary icon, Leah Chase, and the rich history and traditions of New Orleans. Interested in becoming a partner? Please visit this link.

Scholars will learn from a Tier 1 curriculum and the use of instructional technology. The Leah Chase School will offer 1:1 technology allowing every student to have access to a device for learning.

We're here for our scholars, both inside and outside the classroom. Our support system is like a safety net, making sure we cater to all their different needs. Along with our awesome teachers, we have special counselors who will help our students with their feelings and mental well-being. We also have services for students with unique learning needs and special programs for those learning English. Our social work initiatives create a caring environment, and mentorship programs help scholars build positive relationships for personal and school growth. We see and nurture the talents of each student, providing extra opportunities to help them shine. We're all about making sure every scholar feels supported and can reach their full potential.

Educators will benefit from mentorship, providing them with experienced guides as they navigate their teaching journeys. Diverse learner support ensures that every scholar's unique needs are met, fostering an inclusive and equitable learning environment. Our instructional facilitators and coaching programs aim to empower teachers with effective practices, enhancing the overall quality of student learning experiences. Additionally, a continuous cycle of professional development will be in place, focusing on seamless curriculum implementation. This commitment to ongoing growth ensures that our educators stay abreast of the latest educational trends and techniques, ultimately contributing to a dynamic and thriving educational community. Interested in joining The Leah Chase School family? Click here to see our open positions!

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